It’s a Real Small Town

We have a musical friend, Birgit, who wrote a song called “Its a Real Small Town”. It is written for Estes Park, but could honor a lot of places.

For her, ‘real small’ didn’t mean ‘not a lot of people’. She meant REAL. She was talking about the reality of community and the joy of knowing nearly everyone nearby, of safety, and the value of working together toward common goals. This has been a week filled with ‘real small town’ things. Some small town things are kind of awesome.

Monday, we hosted a dinner we call ‘Party it Forward’, for Donna and Frank Shavlik. It’s an easy concept: if you’re surprised with a PiF dinner in your honor you choose the next recipient. If you’re surprised with one, it means you are an important part of what makes Estes Park tick. If you’re surprised with one, it means you are doing good things. If you’re surprised with one, it means there is someone who is amazed by your commitment to making things better. Frank and Donna were nominated by not one, but four separate recipients. Google the Shavliks. I don’t have space here to tell you who they really are, I just know them as friends and I’ve realized recently that earning their friendship is an honor.

It’s a REAL small town. We served dinner at the high school on Thursday-Saturday nights for the theater department’s only source of funds. The kids not only serve and clear dinner in the school commons, but then put on a play (creative and hilarious). The first night our Sysco sales rep Bob simply appeared to help us serve the kids because he wanted to help (he and his family live in a different town, so it really didn’t HAVE to matter to him). The next two nights, community members did the same. These kids and their great teacher are saving theater in the only way they know how, and it just might be working.

There’s more. But that’s enough for now.


5 responses to “It’s a Real Small Town

  1. Isn’t it amazing at the end of a busy week, the things we remember the simple things. The REAL things.

  2. Love it!

  3. I think that is why so many of us move away from a big megalopolis to a place like Estes Park. We want to get back to what makes life REAL, the people, the friendships and the REAL sense of community.

  4. I want to come to one! How often do they do the dinner theatres? Or are they over? I’m always late on all the fun stuff!

  5. I agree with Rebecca! I want to know when the next dinner theatre is 🙂

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