I’m having a hard time with this thought tonight, but I spent the day in meetings. Lots of meetings. It seems like that’s all we do these days, it’s kind of like being in college again, sitting, learning, thinking, and absorbing hour after hour, but without those amazing parties at night where you connected with your pals.

The first meeting was about social media: how to use Twitter (I still don’t fully engage with it but I’m getting closer); the realities of Facebook (kinda addicted to that one, as many of you can attest); LinkedIn (I actually thought it was a large city in Nebraska until today);  FourSquare, Gowalla, blogs. I think you four wonderful readers know how the last one is turning out.

The next meeting was with one of the papers in town. Cutting back the restaurants’ advertising (sorry, guys). Wondering whether we’re connecting effectively through that medium anymore, asking who their audience is and how we can do a better job of connecting with their readers.

The third meeting was with three of the most intelligent, amazing women I have ever met. If you want something done, or slammed into perspective, you find these three and give them a topic. We were planning an event for a nonprofit that, from a board perspective, does nothing but struggle and writhe and eat money. We wonder if it needs to continue. We wonder if it can continue. We try to write for grants but are too busy trying to figure out Quickbooks to have time to do any grant writing. We worry and fuss and meet and make insanely large personal sacrifices to keep it going. And that was really bothering me after I got back to the office tonight, until I realized something.

I realized that what this organization does is connect with children who need a deposit made in their educational fortunes. They need academic assistance, or guidance, or tutoring, but it comes down to making a connection. These kids’ futures are going to be made or broken by the connection their tutors make with them. By the connections they learn to make between Fact A and Result C. The connection between who a child is and who they will become is made in these rooms.

What I do for a living isn’t serve, or cook, or clear dishes, or sing happy birthday for the 8 millionth time, what I do for a living is connect. And whether you are a teacher, a biochemist, a politician, a plumber, an artist, or an astronaut, it’s what you do, too. It’s time we all realize that, and make our connections stronger.

Without them, we’re just alone.


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  1. Love it!

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