High School Pals and Facebook…

It’s been a frustrating workday, but I got through it in part due to something I’m excited about that isn’t until Monday night.  It’s something that is taking place entirely due to the social network, something reminiscent of what happened last summer.  Something that carries for me an amusing personal coincidence.

Last winter my high school class started finding each other on Facebook. I think we probably have a little more than half the class linked up, as well as a lot of others from nearby years. It’s been great, even though I feel like Tim is still sitting behind me pulling my hair in Dr. Hawkins’ class. Some of us got together for lunch a couple of times last summer. It has been surprisingly fun to find out what everyone is doing and where they are, to reconnect, to laugh, to find out about kids and goats (yes, goats) and jobs and new countries, to realize that we are still friends. And begin to become real friends. Most of us were born in 1966.

I have a friend in Estes Park who found an old friend of hers through Facebook who lives in Houston. They haven’t seen each other since they were wearing high school graduation robes, in 1966. They are forging the same re-connection with their classmates that my class is. Through comments and postings and private messages and sheer charm, Houston has made a slew of new friends here in Estes. So many, in fact, that he and his wife are coming for a visit this weekend. We’re all having dinner together Monday at Mama’s and we can’t wait. Houston and his better half have 7 people they’ve never seen in person eagerly awaiting their arrival.

When email and the internet started, so many of us thought it was the end of real communication and personal interaction. Clearly, it’s just the opposite. We’ll all be physically meeting for the first time on Monday, but we already know each other. What a lovely way to connect.


7 responses to “High School Pals and Facebook…

  1. I’m in total agreement! My high school’s 50th is next summer and I’ve found several ‘lost’ classmates and struck up conversations with many with whom I wasn’t in contact before FB. And that Houston/Sugar Land connection has been a stitch. Looking forward to Monday!

  2. Cynthia Krumme

    You are on the mark Julie. Thank you for this timely, delightful, insightful post. What a fine time we shall have!

  3. It has been a fun journey and we’re really looking forward to Monday night as well. It will be fun. What a cool thing that we’re all going to meet! Sooooo looking forward to Monday night. Thanks for putting it into words Julie!

  4. Cathey Cowart Eastman

    What a wonderful story!!! I am a part of that ’66 class from Tulsa, OK. The reunion committee is working hard (and having fun) getting ready for our 45th reunion! See you there, Texas/Sugar Land. Hopefully we will see you too, Estes Park!!! Oh and, P.P., leave them with a good impression!!!!!

  5. It has been great at getting back in touch. I am very grateful to facebook!! 1984 rules!! Go Bulldogs!!! 🙂

  6. Fantastic story on the power of social media! Thanks for sharing, Julie! I love the line:

    “When email and the internet started, so many of us thought it was the end of real communication and personal interaction. Clearly, it’s just the opposite.”

    I think people will start to realize this more and more as time goes on.

  7. Great article, fun blog!! Feel privledged that I was able to meet up wtih you, Rebecca, Becky and Cindy…which I was closer and could join up with you all and others more often!! I was impressed how quickly you learned to tag people, too. We Bulldogs are not to be messed with – Rock On ’84!

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