Ok, I know the actual equinox is long passed, but since I tend to chew on things for too long I’m only just crystallizing these thoughts now. Sorry about two blogs in two days, but here they are.

There are two equinoxes a year. Two days when, in meteorology and astronomy, all things are equal. A cusp, a turning point. Or, at least, it could be. All things being equal…

What an amazing thing that would be, two days when all things are equal, two days that everyone has the same rights, the same amount of food, clean or dirty water, fresh or polluted air, liberty, fair justice or stolen rights. Two days a year of literal, complete equality. Two days a year of everything being averaged out and everyone seeing how the other half lives. If this false equinox were realized, what might we change? Would we stop taking clean water for granted? Would that move us to act? What if we woke up in a new place without our car, our home, our routine of latte and treadmill and job responsibility and entitlement? What if, for two days a year, it got fair?

What if your usual day starts with a dusty two-hour walk to get muddy water for your family, and you’re ten? But, for two days a year you can get sweet water from one of several taps inside a comfortable home with clean sheets on a soft bed? Imagine the motivation you would have the rest of the year to change your circumstance and the world when you know what is possible.

My idea of the true equinox, the false one, is impossible. But, like all impossible ideas, it carries merit. If each of us gives a lot up just two days a year, there is a real potential to change the world.

Think what we could do in four days.


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